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      Fortunately, the word of this era is not difficult to recognize, but some need a little Traditional speculation, they still beat her. " Liu Xu did not expect this disgusting basil to this extent, also a thief, she is the greatest thief. cheap football jerseys,cheap football jerseys bangkok,cheap football jerseys blog,cheap football jerseys brisbane Returned to the house, she was tossing and turning, this time she can not go downtown Liu's house, or a few of them eventually suffer, regardless of her own may have a few small Guzhe, thinking really is a headache." However, when she is happily leaving the behind suddenly sounded a very nice voice, with a hint of deep among charm, charm with a hint of being lazy, but? This sounds a bit familiar feeling how, when she turned around and saw the sound of a human, can not help but roar: "Groping you track this girl. Besides, they wear every day with this village like a monster to whom? Also seen other home all day so lazy girl, still holding the home with a treasure like. Too, Xu basil do not bother arguing, but she was not eating, anyway, this whole family is going to eat, without looking Liu, holding basin went into the kitchen.

      " Younger Xu Qiang do not know when to come back, it is estimated outside Liu heard, it will put a shoulder hoes hastily entered the house, he took the hand of Liu pray Road.However, while she tried to think of the occasion, the foot is slowly climb has been a huge scorpion. "Your wife is something I have no control. So far, in her memory it has been six years her daughter has not been replaced four new clothes, new shoes, do not wear them all the sister, but the sister have to buy a new one year each season fabrics, pull clothes , to dress neat, and all sixteen, fingers do not stick spring water, even the bowl will not wash. At the moment, it is flying towards Liu ran a man holding a leg, flattering intimacy cried grandmother, Liu heart can call this crisp.

      Xu basil walked us trying various measures, finally shake their heads, or the like all selfish father back then you'll decide it. To this end, she will not take milk every worst quilt to give them, but also to the younger brother, Xu Qiang. Fire, boil water, the rice until the water open, put half cooked rice to the basket of ragweed to go, followed by Liu to point toward the salt, cover the pot and cook. "Kick are played, but also not a kick back?" Of course, she is not any punches fancy rounding pinch flat, and moreover, this is on the market, the street, pedestrians coming and going, she can not believe that they can on how she is. Hey." Male family went to work, and to study Xu liters in town, basically come back a few days, every time you want to come back is the cost of living, the youngest one day her two children to him Yuemu Jia if his uncle married children, youngest son working in the fields, the second daughter had married, but also married in the town, opened a small tea shop, and do not face the loess back into the air every day, make do with, Xu Xiuqin small children in the house warming himself embroidered veil, the main room on the first-born Xu two old stand text Meier and her two sons, there is a mother and daughter Yu four.

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